One Tumblr User to Another: Here's My Amputated Toe

Image via amyashcraft/Flickr.

The Internet has something for everyone, and that something is a sense of connection to strangers who are perfectly aligned with your own brand of shareable weirdness. Anyway, if you want to see a disgusting photo of an amputated toe, click through.

Select All found the latest rubbernecking post on Tumblr, which involves a user named Cummy Eyelids turning fellow user Royallyoily’s amputated pinky toe into a piece of wearable art/tiny flesh grave. Cummy Eyelids writes that this work is “so super meaningful” because of the trust Royallyoily established when she mailed a piece of her foot:


You can see from the bottle that the solution Royallyoily’s toe is in expired in 2011. It was supposedly amputated over a decade ago, though I wouldn’t be at all surprised to read a story about someone cutting off a toe or finger specifically to have it turned into a necklace by someone they met in a chatroom. In fact, people are already asking Cummy Eyelids to do them up:

Cummy Eyelids may not be accepting further toes, but it’s not because she’s out of ideas for what to do with them:


Imagine if she had a whole set.

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