One Lucky May Queen Now Owns the Midsommar Flower Dress

The flower dress (if you can call it a dress, it looks more like a cocoon) from the dreadful final moments of Midsommar has sold at auction for $65,000.

The movie’s production company and distributor A24 has been auctioning off props from their movies, with proceeds benefiting different charity organizations in New York City. The dress, which is covered in 10,000 silk flowers, weighs 30 pounds. An entire murderous Swedish cult doesn’t seem to be included in the sale, what a shame.

If you’re weeping like Florence Pugh over missing the Midsommar dress sale, there are a lot of other props from the company up for grabs. Maybe you’d like the carved mermaid sculpture Robert Pattinson masturbates to in The Lighthouse? Or the bejeweled Furby from Uncut Gems, which is currently at $13,500?

Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel

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Koala de Vil RN

I only just watched this movie last week. I found it really confronting. Can someone else tell me their reaction? Because I’m in isolation and have nobody to debrief with!