One Grilled Cheese Martini, Please

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You love a good martini at the end of the day. You also love grilled cheese. Would you dare to combine the two? If you answered yes, then consider making your way to the handmade cheese emporium Beecher's, who has an off-the-menu item called the Grilled Cheese Martini. How the hell do you make such a thing? Pour some grilled cheese sandwich-infused vodka (yes, really, this exists) into a shaker with fresh tomatoes, muddled basil, and tomato juice. Shake and pour. If you're lucky enough to live by either of their establishments in Seattle or New York, please do let us know how this one works out.

[YumSugar, Laughing Squid]

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see you in rach-hell only comments on tswift now

Stuff like this is so weird. It's like hamburger-flavored Doritos, which taste exactly like hamburgers, including ketchup and pickles and cheese—but it's weird.