One Actress, 23 Years Of Dieting

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You know what's sad about the fact that Ginnifer Goodwin's been on Weight Watchers since she was 9? Okay, a lot of things, but most recently… that it's being touted as her "diet secret."


Seriously, Google it: the headline "Ginnifer Goodwin Shares Diet Secret" comes up as often as the incredulous "Ginnifer Goodwin has been on diet for 23 years!" If it's a "secret" it's a pretty extreme one — and if it's a "tip," well, let's hope not too many mothers are reading.

The thing is, as diet regimens go, Weight Watchers is not the most extreme: it's basically about portion control, moderation, and awareness of what you put into your body. But it's still a diet: and a diet that demands constant vigilance and focus on one's food. In short, not healthy for a child.

What we hope people take away from this is not that Ginnifer Goodwin needed to do this or that this is what your child should do to be a movie star! Rather, that what she considers her "shooting weight" has no relation to the rest of the world. And that, after 23 years of dieting and point-counting, "It doesn't matter what my body looks like, I hate putting on bathing suits in front of other people." That's not the quote that's getting the press, but it's the one that stays with you... and that all parents should keep in mind.


If you've been on it for 23 years as your normal eating habit, it's not really "a diet", it's your normal diet.

Weight Watchers is a healthy, moderate way to lose weight, and their maintenance phase is a sane way to eat in perpetuity. It's sad that some 9-year-olds have to go on diets at all, but better to establish healthy habits at a young age that one can maintain, than to a lifetime of yo-yoing. Stop looking for things to get all het up about.