Once You See The 'Changed Man Bikini' Swimsuit, You Cannot Unsee The 'Changed Man Bikini' Swimsuit [NSFW]

Illustration for article titled Once You See The Changed Man Bikini Swimsuit, You Cannot Unsee The Changed Man Bikini Swimsuit [NSFW]

The copy at the source, Koala Swim, reads:

The design is based on our currently best selling vagina-style suit, the Changed Man. We now offer it in bikini form. It has the same amazing front pouch lets any man touch his feminine side by creating a virtual pussy out of his cock. The look is so compelling that when the Changed Man G-string was introduced it was not only the best selling fem-style suit, but quickly became our best selling design which just blew us away. Guess there are more open minded men and women than we gave credit. The Change Man Bikini allows you the freedom to wear a moderate full back bikini and still have your beautiful lips exposed. Simply magnificent.


'Nuff said.

[The WoW Report]


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When I first saw this on Regretsy (how about a hat tip to them?) I had to ask my husband WTF had happened to the guy's cock. Apparently some men can sort of push it back in to their body. WHO KNEW?! I consider myself fairly well-informed on weird shit but this? This I did not know.