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[Hong Kong, April 2. Image via Getty]

An art expert explains Mark Rothko's 'Untitled' painting with a pre-auction estimate of 18 - 25 million US dollars during a Sotheby's press preview ahead of their spring sale in Hong Kong on April 2, 2010. The auction house will soon be holding its 2010 Spring Sale with 2,400 lots estimated to fetch around 167 million US dollars. AFP PHOTO/MIKE CLARKE (Photo credit should read MIKE CLARKE/AFP/Getty Images)


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I love Rothko, but I am sooooo over the fetishization of the great solo male art genius. There are a lot of phenomenal artists out there who just happen to be female and their art will never approach this price because it doesn't fit the cultural archetype that's been propagated for decades.

/rant courtesy of my feminist leanings and my art history prof, who is just as much of a ranty feminist as me, and who quoted RuPaul in a lecture and then used the word "cunt" repeatedly in reference to a work.