On The View, Star Jones Says Her View-Esque Fictional Series Is 'Not The View'

In 2011, Star Jones released Satan’s Sisters, a book about a fictionalized daytime talk show featuring a panel of women called The Lunch Club. Oh that’s interesting since she was a co-host of daytime talk show featuring a panel of women called The View, and her run (and ultimate firing...or whatever!) was full of the kind of drama that would make a wonderful roman à clef, I guess you were supposed to say about that.

Well, reality has a way of wrapping itself around itself and making all sorts of interesting tangles, and so Jones returned to The View Friday to promote Daytime Divas, the upcoming VH1 series based on her book (Jones is one of Divas’ executive producers). “This is not The View,” Jones said of her new show during her appearance alongside Divas star Vanessa Williams. “But it does have...some elements of 25 years in daytime television. I think I’ve learned a few things over that time.”


Said elements include a comedian character that Joy Behar (who sat on the panel with Jones during her run, as well as today) thinks was based on her. “You made me put a comedian on the show,” said Jones. “Every time I’ve seen you for the last 10 years, you’ve always said, ‘Who’s gonna play me? Who’s gonna play me?’” Regarding the character’s tendency to sleep with the show’s staff, Behar said, “I’ve never been a hoe,” to which Jones faux-sipped from her mug in response.

Behar ribbed Jones back about wanting to be carried and being a “bridezilla” (remember that???) during her time on The View. Awww. It’s so heartwarming to watch old friends get together for the sake of promotion. Jones and the cast of The View are set to guest on Daytime Divas at some point during its first season run.

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