Blake Lively may be Anna Wintour's new favorite cover gal, but her chest? A tad too bodacious for Vogue, it seems.


This image, on page 124 of the magazine, appears to have been retouched, specifically between the breasts. If you see some discoloration on the right (our left) side of her breastplate, you're not imagining things — her skin tone has definitely been tampered with digitally. Perhaps in an effort to smooth out the roundness of her mammaries?

Or maybe they just look like that sometimes. It's tough to tell. But something seems off.

What's interesting is that even though "curvy" models with breasts are becoming more popular, having large breasts or cleavage continues to be seen as unfashionable. This tiny white swimsuit could just as well be featured in a men's magazine, and the roundness and fullness of Blake's breasts would be played up, not played down. But if it's a photograph for women? In a fashion magazine? Ixnay on the oobs-bay.


On the other hand, there's a rumor going around that Blake paid for those breasts — in which case, you've got to wonder what she thinks about the Vogue image.


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