On Saturday Night Live, The Bachelor is Bland and Tina Fey Returns as 'Crazy' Sarah Palin

After Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump earlier this week, it was almost inevitable that Tina Fey would return Saturday Night Live to revisit her classic Palin impression. And Fey definitely did not disappoint, she offered up an unhinged riff on Palin’s meandering and confusing Iowa endorsement speech while Darrell Hammond’s Trump provided commentary throughout.


The commentary went the easy route: Palin is crazy. “She’s a firecracker. She’s a real pistol,” Hammond’s Trump says before adding, “She’s crazy, isn’t she?”

“I hope nobody’s allergic to nuts, because we got a big one here,” he continues. “She’s two Corinthians short of a Bible,” Hammond said, referencing Trump’s own confusing speech at Liberty University. Fey’s impression always works because she seizes right on the spectacle of Palin’s public persona, but the crazy bit felt a bit cheap; particularly since it positioned Trump here as the voice of reason.


The rest of the episode, hosted by Ronda Rousey with musical guest Selena Gomez, was otherwise pretty unremarkable. The sketch “Bland Man,” a spoof of The Bachelor, was the episode’s other standout, it was a pretty accurate interpretation of the show’s standard narrative.

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Cheers Pink Ears!

The crazy bit was a cheap shot, but is anybody else worried Palin had a stroke or suffered some other form of brain damage? I seem to remember her being able to form sentences that weren’t just word salad.