On Saturday Night Live, Black Widow Gets Her Own Rom-Com

Saturday Night Live was pretty uninspired last night, some weird attempts to joke about the Baltimore protests and a Ruth Bader Ginsburg sketch that fell flat. The one bright spot was the show’s Black Widow trailer. The superhero finally gets her own movie, but in classic Hollywood fashion, it’s a romantic comedy.

“Does Marvel not know how to make a girl superhero movie? Chill. Marvel gets women,” the trailer, starring host Scarlett Johansson, begins. It’s pretty funny jab at the industry, especially considering that Marvel CEO doesn’t think female-lead films are worth the trouble.

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Spoilers ahead! Okay, I’m actually pretty disturbed by the direction they took Black Widow in Age of Ultron. There’s a scene where she’s telling Bruce that she’s a monster too, and well instead of naming any of the murders she’d committed or other logical disturbing options, she talks about how she was sterilized against her will. So instead of her own actions making her a monster it’s something that was forced upon her that does. Plus, being unable to have kids, which many women can’t by any fault of their own isn't an uncommon thing, does that make them a monster? Or how about women (like me), who have decided they don’t won’t children and want to undergo sterilization? Are we monsters? It’s some pretty fucking gross sexist shit.