On Roe V. Wade Anniversary, Anti-Choicers Get All Of The Attention

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While the godless liberal Feminazi bonerkilling blogosphere is talking up a storm about the 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the "mainstream" media (except NPR) and its conservative cohorts are all about the anti-choicers today.

The lede of Julie Rovner's NPR story today is that the Obama Administration may well sign an order rescinding the global gag rule today (the gag rule prohibits U.S. funds for family planning from being utilized by groups that perform or even talk about abortion to clients) and touched on the Administration's platform of making abortion more rare through measures like increased contraceptive access, education and support for women. In the blogosphere, Jill and Cara over at Feministe have posts up about today's anniversary; Courtney at Feministing has a personal take on the fight for reproductive choice; and RH Reality Check will be hosting a live-blog with Gloria Feldt, former president of Planned Parenthood, and Sarah Stoesz, the President and CEO of Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, who has been in the forefront of the campaign by antis to make abortion illegal at the state level in order to set up a Supreme Court challenge to Roe.

Of course, the right wingers have their own overwrought missives to the end of civilization brought about by Roe, including a not-well-labeled anti-abortion opinion piece on Politico by Gary Bauer; a call for "relief for the unborn" by G. Tracy Mehan, III. in The American Spectator; and a hopefully overly-optimistic piece by Michael New in the National Review Online in which Mr. New argues that President Obama will have to take care of the shitty economy before he can restore women's reproductive rights eroded under W. But whither the majority of the mainstream media? Why, to the anti's protests, of course.


The Associated Press and the Washington Post both paint today as less the anniversary not only of Roe v. Wade but as a day when D.C. gets an influx of those from the religious right running around with their fetus posters, their rosaries, their religious beliefs that they seek to enshrine in law and an inflated sense of moral superiority. Didn't you know today was all about their struggle, and their fight, and their beliefs? What is this country coming to, anyway, when a sanctimonious religious minority can't impose its will on others, particularly women? Fucking hope.

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Erin Gloria Ryan

One thing that anti-choicers don't get is this:

Abortion is not something that anyone is excited about having. I have cried, and cried, and cried, and cried and been unable to fall asleep because I can't stop thinking about how much it sucks. It's the least shitty life-fucking choice out of a set of life-fucking options that a woman has.

So, answer me this multiple choice test before you condemn me, fuckers.

A: Marry someone you are not prepared to marry so that you can raise a child when you are not prepared mentally for motherhood. Also, you have no family within 300 miles of the city where you live. Neither of you do.

B: Have the baby and give it to one set of grandparents, forever fucking over your and your partner's relationship with the set of grandparents that doesn't get to keep the baby.

C: Having the baby and giving it up for adoption, forever fucking up your relationship with both sets of grandparents, who would insist on taking care of the child and likely fight over the baby. Also, stigma of being an unmarried pregnant woman. Also, go through labor.

D: Having the baby and raising it on your own. You make less than 50K a year and you live in a major city.

E: Terminate.