On MSNBC, Rick Scott Just Really Can't Quite Say Whether Muslims 'Hate America'

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Florida Governor Rick Scott’s name is being bandied around as a possible vice presidential pick for your future president/sea sponge overlord Donald Trump. That’s possibly why Scott refused to say on MSNBC Thursday morning how he feels about Trump’s comments about Muslims. Florida: continuing to gift us only its best and brightest!


Scott appeared today on Morning Joe, hosted by two scrappy Trump enthusiasts who are, of late, trying to dial it down a touch. Host Joe Scarborough asked Scott whether Trump should maybe “walk back” his various comments about Muslims, comments underpinned by a healthy dose of actual and unreconstructed fascism:

“Would you tell your friend Donald Trump to walk back his statements that Muslims—that Islam—hates America? That Islam hates us? Do you think Muslims in the state of Florida hate America?”

“Well,” Scott began. “As you know, in Florida we’re the best melting pot in the world. We love everybody coming to our state.” He added some garbage about the federal government not “vetting” Syrian refugees, before Scarborough redirected. And redirected. And redirected.

“I want you to answer the question!” Scarborough scolded. “Do you personally think that Islam is a religion that hates America?”

“So Joe, what I can tell you, in our state is we have a lot of Muslims that live in our state. A lot of Latin Americans live in our state...”


“Wrap it,” other host Mika Brzezinski can be said saying sharply in the background. And then, a moment later, “Can ya answer the question, or should we scoot?”

Scott giggled nervously, gave another non-answer, and the hosts cut to commercial.


“That was weak, sniveling political wavering,” said Brzezinski afterwards. “I would suggest if you’re the governor of a state, you should be able to answer that question… and if you can’t, you really shouldn’t be the governor of a state, especially Florida. That was pathetic.”

Here’s the full clip, courtesy of the greatest news state in this blessed union of ours:


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Well, if Rick Scott is gonna be the VP nominee, we’re going to need some adjectives for him. I’ll start:

“Powder cosplay enthusiast, Rick Scott”

“Last face you see before your soul leaves your body, Rick Scott”

“JJ Abrams mysterious lurking stranger, Rick Scott”

“Grinning hairless death’s head mask, Rick Scott”

“Hairless cat somehow elected to Florida’s highest office, Rick Scott”

“Floating creepy demon from that silent episode of Buffy, Rick Scott”