On Christine O'Donnell Being "You," And Sarah Palin Being "President"

Cheer for the sanity of Delaware voters (so far): according to several polls, Christine O'Donnell dramatically trails her opponent. Still, as more evidence emerges that Sarah Palin wants to be president, it's worth rebutting that whole "I'm you" thing.

Depending on how you look at the numbers, Christine O'Donnell is behind in the poll by anywhere from 19 to 17 points. We hear that's still enough to land you a gig as a talking head on Fox News.

So far, O'Donnell's solution to crossing the partisan divide of the general election is a commercial in which she says, "I am you," and would do what "you" would do in Washington. Rather than simply sputter at the solipsism, Jay Smooth has a cogent response here.


Recent leaked emails between Todd Palin and Alaska Senate candidate Joe Miller indicate that we're going to need to be refuting this claim — which Sarah Palin deployed during the last election, somewhat successfully — for a long while. Miller, the tea partier endorsed by Sarah Palin, was taken to the woodshed by Todd for not answering with sufficient fealty when asked if Sarah was qualified to be president.

Todd Palin has as good as confirmed the email chain's authenticity without saying anything about those presidential intentions.


If there has to be a random "you" for president, can it be Jay Smooth instead?

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