Late last week, the New York subway system was forced to suspend service thanks to the cutest goddamn emergency of all time...or should I call it the cutest goddamn emewgency of all time? Area trains ground to a halt after two kittens escaped onto tracks at the Church Avenue station in Brooklyn last Thursday and MTA employees and the NYPD were forced to go looking for them. Luckily, the kittens were found safe and sound and were then moved to a Brooklyn foster family.


Things continue to be looking up for the two cats. Not only were they saved from a violent train death, but they've also gone from two cat nobodies to two of the most famous cats in the country. And their fame continues to rise — last night, the subway kittens were special guests on The Colbert Report and yes, you're right in thinking that this is like a real life Oliver & Company, only there are two major differences, one good and one bad. The good? There are two kittens instead of one. The bad? So far, there have yet to be any appearances made by a terrier voiced by Billy Joel.