Just days ago, it was reported that Apprentice star Omarosa (alias “Lady O,” née Omarosa Manigault Newman) was fired from whatever White House position was made for her (unclear; technically director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison), but it’s okay. Omarosa will take any gig.

This 2006 video, submitted to Page Six, emerged from the crazed/artistic/you decide brains of tabloid editors Michael Todd, former In Touch Weekly photo director, Matt Coppa, deputy editor at Star, and his brother Andrew Coppa. Stripped of intentionally low-fi graphics, it’s a tale about an elderly space woman who brainwashes Omarosa in her plot to steal a lock of Donald Trump’s hair in order to conquer the universe. Omarosa does, and that’s it. It’s a Trump-era Der Ring des Nibelungen except with way less story and way more Omarosa.

It is titled: “Soul Sistahs.”

She’ll be back.

Update 8:26 PM: Aaand the video is down. For clarity, it was a combination of psychedelic green screen effects and this sequence of events: 1) a grandmotherly stereotype in a nightgown cackles that she must get the hair of the most powerful man in the universe (Trump); 2) this woman beams Omarosa, in vinyl space suits à la Barbarella, up into a vaginal Enterprise-inspired spaceship and feeds her a piece of poisoned cake which brainwashes her to clip a piece of Donald Trump’s hair; 3) Omarosa clips a piece of his hair and delivers it back to the ship; 4) Omarosa turns on the elderly woman and kicks her off onto a small moon where the woman grabs onto a dead tree and says something like “I’m not finished with you yet!” It could have been pitched to Omarosa as: “hey, we’re doing a thing in the garage, have a sec?”


Here is a screengrab for posterity: