Ollie, Like Us, Was Never Truly Free

Update: There she is.

It turns out, Ollie the bobcat never “escaped,” so to speak, and never really got to feel the winds of freedom on her furry back. But she did get a couple of days to roam around the zoo. Sort of like furlough.


NBC Washington reported earlier:

Earlier in the day, Zoo curators had said that they had stopped searching the northwest Washington neighborhoods of Woodley Park and Cleveland Park neighborhoods for Ollie, though they would continue to respond to tips about sightings of the animal.


Zookeepers found her on zoo grounds today. At least she is safe, though the glimmer of light we had has flickered out.

Oh well, back to regular life now.

Culture Editor, Jezebel

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Clover Hope

Press conference below:

“She’s not the cat who’s gonna walk right up to you. I think a great example of her personality is that from where she was trapped, my colleagues and I, as we were putting the traps out, even said amongst ourselves, ‘you know she’s probably sitting there looking at us right now.’ And as it turned out, she had to be sitting looking at us...She was watching us and waiting for us to walk away. So she never came out to say hi while we were standing there. She was just waiting to see what kind of goodies we left here for her.”