Olivia de Havilland Would Like to Resolve Her Lawsuit Against Ryan Murphy Before Her 102nd Birthday

101-year-old actress Olivia de Havilland would like to live to see the day she wins her lawsuit against director Ryan Murphy and FX over her depiction (by Catherine Zeta-Zones) in the highly-nominated tv series Feud: Bette and Joan. De Havilland filed a request with Los Angeles Superior Court judge Holly Kendig to expedite her lawsuit on Tuesday, relying on a statute that allows individuals ages 70 and up to hasten the litigation process.

De Havilland’s attorney Suzelle Smith said in a statement on Tuesday, “This is the kind of case for which they statute was passed. There is substantial risk that without a trial preference, Miss de Havilland will be prejudiced in not obtaining the benefits of the litigation. She is eager to have this case fully resolved well in advance of her 102nd birthday.”


Last month, de Havilland filed her complaint alleging that, despite being the only living person portrayed in the film, she was not consulted about her portrayal beforehand, which she perceived as overly gossipy and inaccurate. De Havilland is suing for invasion of privacy, infringement of common law right of publicity, and unjust enrichment, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

It just goes to show that everyone, even the intimidating and the beautiful people, grows old, but suing the shit out of your enemies never does. 

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