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"Older" Moms Make More Money

Illustration for article titled Older Moms Make More Money

According to a new study, women who have children later don't face the "motherhood penalty" of lost wages incurred by younger moms. Interestingly, "later" here means "after age 26." [USA Today]


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Interesing comment thread when you actually read the story:

I have had twelve kids to nine different women and I don't pay one cent to any one of them. Since all the mothers are on welfare except two, your taxes are paying for their education, medical expenses and housing/food. My oldest daughter, who is 23, already has four kids and one on the way and yes, she is on welfare with no husband to support her.

This is indeed a great country.


Obama supporters I presume?

I love being an American, but come on people. You make it hard to like the people who live here. You're like the drunk uncle who comes over on holidays who eats everything and passes out on the couch after breaking a priceless momento.