Feel like seeing some classic, elegant, black-tie drama? Then travel with us to Madrid's Cibeles Palace for the Rafa Nadal Foundation' Charity Gala!

Marilo Montero's getup is characteristic of the old-school elegance on display. No fireworks or wheel-repainting, but a whole lot of class!

Eugenia Silva shows that you don't need excess to provide drama.


Eugenia Martinez de Irujo, shod for an audience with a 15th Century pontiff.

Model Mar Saura skews kind of prom-'89, but hey, as we know from many a teen comedy of that era, prom was no joke.


I mean, if you're gonna do velvet, go big or go home, right? Sandra Ibarra's gown has a 30's vibe I'm digging, despite its obvious weirdness.


The reason no one else is wearing color? Nati Abascal drained it all from the room.

[Images via Getty]