Old Dickhead Interrupts Lady Edith at the Theater

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Laura Carmichael, whom you might know as Lady Edith Crawley from Downton Abbey, was just minding her own business acting in a West End production of Anton Chekhov's Uncle Vanya, when, hark, from the audience, a dickhead spoke: "Stop, stop, stop. It doesn't work and you don't work. It is not good enough. I could be at home watching television." The voice, according to several bemused audience members, belonged to old theatre lion Peter Hall, director and amateur heckler.


The 82-year-old Hall quickly escorted himself out of the theater and Carmichael continued on as if nothing had happened, but the story is making the gossip rounds on Sunday and several on-the-scene theater-goers were quickly able to provide some context for Hall's outburst. One member of the audience insisted, "To clear it up – Peter Hall wasn't actually heckling, he was muttering loudly about it not working," which is pretty much what heckling is, but whatever. We get it - sometimes old people speak out of turn because they think everyone should benefit from their wisdom and experience, which in Hall's case does not include knowing how to sit quietly and keep his internal monologue from getting loose. [Telegraph]

Kristen Stewart was all about filming On the Road, so all you troglodyte Twilight fans better enjoy it. [Movieline]

Speaking of Kristen Stewart, the actress is covetously eyeing a role as a neophyte con artist opposite Ben Affleck's more seasoned and five-o'clock-shadowed con artist in Focus. [Deadline]

After his longtime agent Carol Bodie was let go by ICM partners, Jon Hamm was all, "Peace out" before sticking his toes in the Hollywood talent agency shark tank. As of right now, he has yet to be nibbled. [THR]

If someone was making a list of the most heterosexual people in showbusiness, Joe Simpson says he'd be way at the top, like, right under Steven Seagal but ahead of Tom Cruise. [TMZ]

The Kardashian Family, which will one day rule the post-apocalyptic wasteland by imposing a ruthless matriarchy, is fighting for the right to name their new makeup line "Khroma." A Beverly Hills makeup company called "Chroma," however, already exists, as does another cosmetics fabricator called "Kroma." Legal awkwardness has ensued, but the Kardashians have called upon their very own Lord Humongous (Bruce Jenner in an old-timey hockey mask) to settle the dispute…with blood! Or, you know, blood-colored makeup. [TMZ]


Even though Eddie Murphy describes himself as a "very, very bitter man," he's still rather touched by the fact that a whole boatload of comedians and actors including Russell Brand, Keenan Ivory Wayans, and Samuel L. Jackson paid him tribute during a Spike TV special about the general hilarity of Eddie Murphy. [AP]

A dude who heckled Bristol Palin on her short-lived reality show and then sued her and A&E for a whole litany of grievances, lost his legal battle when a judge was all like, "Pshaw, man," and tossed his suit. [TMZ]


Joslyn James, one of women who slept with Tiger Woods, will be doing a stint at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada. Meanwhile, Tiger Woods is busy trying to find the warlock who sapped his golf prowess in order to teach him a lesson about marital fidelity. [TMZ]



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Has anyone seen Dan Stevens (Matthew Crawley) in The Heiress? Entertainment Weekly gave the play an "A" but the New York Times was very "meh" and was pretty negative about Jessica Chastain.