Convenience store clerk Sammay Blackwell was attacked by a creepy customer who looked up while paying for her gas and told her, stone-faced, "You look like Casey Anthony." After Blackwell's shift ended, she left the store and got into her car โ€” where she noticed the same woman was staring at her from inside of her own vehicle. Blackwell left the premises and began to drive home โ€” until after a few miles, the woman appeared behind her and rammed into the back of her car. Blackwell continued driving until she pulled over onto a parking lot, where the woman hit her again, this time causing her car to flip twice into the air. When the vehicle came to a rest, she "played dead" until the crazed woman โ€” who was charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon โ€” finally left her alone. We're looking for a moral to the story here, but it's kind of just sad.