"Okay, That Is Literally My Shape"

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Demi Moore is still claiming her W cover wasn't Photoshoppped, and tells Bazaar: "I called the photographers, and they said, 'We did not touch anything on your hip, your thigh, or your waist. It was the position.'" [New York, Earlier]

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Stop caring what people think, Demi. We've all pretty much moved on—it's time you did, too.

Look—you are gorgeous. I'm no fan of your acting career, but there's no denying you're hot as hell. Be happy with yourself and stop trying to fight the accusations (you're not changing anyone's mind anyway).

The image was almost certainly Photoshopped. You say the hip wasn't, OK, whatever. But somehow, in some way, it had to be perfected for publishing. Almost all published photos are nowadays! Look—I Photoshop myself in family pictures: e.g., smooth my skin a little, etc.

Nothing to feel guilty about—let's call a truce, mmkay?