Okay, Fine: Nancy Grace Is Actually Human

You probably have some strong opinions about Nancy Grace — and after going through hours of her screechy coverage of the Casey Anthony trial for a supercut of her worst moments, I did, too. But when she opened up about the horrific tragedy that changed everything about her in an interview with Piers Morgan last night, I softened.


The interview took a melancholy turn when Morgan suggested her fiery outrage in the courtroom was a result of her fiancé being killed years ago. As soon as the question was spoken, the television screen began airing a slideshow of old photos of Grace and the ex-fiancé Keith. An obviously surprised and emotional Nancy choked down tears as she retold the tragic tale of how her college sweetheart met his untimely death.

We'll start with the jaded asshole point of view: Grace alludes to Keith's death not infrequently — much like the murder of America's Most Wanted host John Walsh's son, it's been a driving force in her "crusade" for greater justice. So yes, this story is awful (and looong), but is Grace just milking her past to ensure viewers buy-in?

The not-jaded, not-asshole perspective: I can't imagine it would be easy for anyone to keep their composure while such images are broadcast on national television. And while she's certainly mentioned Keith's death on her show and in her interviews, last night she went into a level of detail and emotion that I'm not sure she has before. Grace went 30 years without being able to "really seriously entertain marriage or a family" and says that hearing the word marriage used to make her "physically shake."

We're torn, but leaning towards Not Total Jerks About It. At the very least, Grace's pain is for real, no question, and we are no longer of the belief she is just living tissue over a metal endoskeleton.

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I couldn't imagine how painful it must be to lose someone you love. It must be very hard. However, it happens to people every day and the decisions you make and the actions you take afterwards are your own.

I had this friend in middle school who was a total bitch and treated me like crap and blamed everything on her parents' divorce. I was sympathetic for a long time because "I didn't understand" since my parents weren't divorced. Finally in 8th grade after she told me I wasn't allowed to have any other friends, screamed at me, and then told me her parents were divorced I finally yelled back "They got divorced 3 years ago! Deal with it! It has nothing to do with this". We weren't friends again after that. I don't care. My point is, terrible things happen every day, but you can't blame everything crappy you do for the rest of your life on something that happened years ago.