OK! Sold To National Enquirer Publisher

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Though Time, Inc. had offered millions for the American edition of OK!, the tabloid that rarely lives up to its name, negotiations recently broke down, clearing the way for American Media, Inc. to buy the struggling rag. AMI owns several publications including the National Enquirer, Star, Playboy, Shape, Men's Fitness, and the website Radar Online. AMI's chairman explains they were interested in a magazine that loses about $500,000 per week because it allows them to "offer our advertisers a wider range of celebrity coverage than any single publication or group of titles from any publisher." In other words, AMI is combining the magazine's sales and production operations with the other weeklies. We're a bit concerned about this unholy alliance between Star, OK! and Radar. We demand multiple perspectives on which celebrities have the best and worst beach bodies!

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Punkin Skywalker

From that picture, I'm convinced Kim K is really an electronic hybrid of her sisters, made to look perfect. Japan has shown us this technology is real, so I'm just going to say that the US and Hollywood has perfected it.