Ohio Unveils New, Dead-Body-Centric Tourism Campaign or Something

Maybe “it” isn’t the obvious (dead body you’ve got to find before the cops do). Maybe “it” refers to just a part of a dead body (Einstein’s brain maybe) or perhaps to “self-actualization” or “professional satisfaction” or “a reason to commit.” Maybe Ohio is trying to advertise their local ultra-dank marijuana or uncrowded L.L. Bean outlet.

Probably a dead body thing, though, right?

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John Boehner

i am officially leaving ohio in 2 weeks and i’m trying to hold on to my county residence desperately because it’s one of the few counties that matters during elections.

ANYWAY, I LIKE IT. Dead bodies, some kind of Goonies-level treasure, weirdshits with a bigass gun stockpile, that family of possums you dreamt of once. FIND IT HERE.