Oh, Sweet Relief: Ladies of London Is Back in September

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Pour yourself a celebratory wine spritzer, because Ladies of London, the ever-so-slightly classier London-based equivalent of The Real Housewives, has finally set a premiere date for season 2.

When we last caught up with the ladies, Annabelle was recovering from a horseback riding accident, Caprice had just birthed two babies one month apart after a very irritable pregnancy, Marissa was standing outside Kate Middleton’s hospital by herself, waiting for Prince George to be born, and I don’t really remember the rest because it was SO LONG AGO!

Some notable casting shakeups have occurred: the aforementioned Caprice is gone, as well as American social climber Noelle, whose ex-fiancé—British multimillionaire Scot Young, who appeared on the show often—committed suicide in December. It’s unclear whether Noelle was let go from the show, or left on her own.


New cast members include Caroline Fleming, who is the former host of Denmark’s Next Top Model and “from Danish royalty,” and Julie Montagu, AKA Lady Hinchingbrooke. A lot of them are American, which is weird, but worth it for their terrible British affectations.

God, I can’t wait.

Season 2 of Ladies of London premieres on Bravo September 7.

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So glad Caprice is gone. She managed to be annoying and boring at the same time which is quite a feat.