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Oh Sweet, Megyn Kelly Got a Reported $10 Million Book Deal

Illustration for article titled Oh Sweet, Megyn Kelly Got a Reported $10 Million Book Deal

A lifetime of spilling conservative sewage on cable news while occasionally eviscerating her own party—and a beef with tattered Craigslist sofa Donald Trump—has landed Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly a $10 million book deal with HarperCollins.


According to Deadline, the publishers haven’t yet confirmed that it’s a memoir, but that’s the word circulating. The figure might even be near $11 million, which is notably above Amy Schumer’s reported $8 to $10 million deal with Gallery Books. From Deadline:

The deal keeps Kelly fully in the Fox fold. She has had a remarkable rise after moderating the first debate of Republican Party candidates in August. There, she was excoriated by Trump after she called him on his penchant for referring to women who displease him as “fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals.” Trump took great umbrage and has attacked Kelly since.


Memoirs are indeed lucrative for a certain elite group of people.

Lisa Sharkey, from HarperCollins, refers to the Kelly Files host as “among the most interesting and influential women in America today.”

How long will it take for Trump to scream out “Ya welcome!”

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Masshole James, Unstable Genius

The rapturous mainstream media coverage she gets is really becoming annoying. She gets hailed as some sort of feminist hero because she’s one degree shy of crazy from the loons that overrun the Fox News asylum. This “moderate” stance is just a put-on to differentiate her from the crazy men on the network but the media falls for it anyway.