Zosia Mamet, actor of Girls and a really cool part on Mad Men among other things, has a band. It is named Chacha. Despite recent good experiences with good actors who are also in good bands, I feel we as a society may be pushing our luck in the realm of Hollywood music projects and I am very scared.

Chacha played a show this week at New York's McKittrick Hotel's Manderlay Bar, as reported at BuzzFeed's Celeb. They performed the song "Too Good," presumably about her boyfriend, which Mamet introduced thusly: "I have a beloved human in my life, who's wonderful, better than I ever could imagine. And when I found him, I wrote this song about him being perfect and me feeling like a hussy who wasn't good enough for him. So this is about that." :(

She's also singing lyrics like "take me home, I'll do all your chores/but you're too good for me," which bummer! Girl, fux his chores, you good, you're an actor in an Emmy-nommed show! You were really good on Mad Men! #Feelyoself!

Anyway though, it starts out okay if a tad pitchy (not that that matters for her future success!). She has a nice bit of slow vibrato in the low-end, and seems to be a natural alto—which causes a few maje probz when she gets to the chorus! Dudes on guitar are giving us a little Vampy Weekend guitar effects, also maybe listen to Tanlines. Modern rock in a post-Pitchfork age: you know what it is. Watch/hear the performance at popular celebrity website Buzzfeed's Celeb.


Image via screenshot.