Oh My God, It's Prince George in Modern Clothing

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Image: Kensington Palace

All the royals have released their annual Christmas cards. This isn’t really important, except for a) the window it offers into how each couple sees and frames themselves and also b) the fact that Prince George isn’t dressed like a wee Edwardian ghost.


Kensington Palace tweeted the photos today. Will and Kate are looking extremely Greenwich Connecticut casual, like those kids are Ivy League legacies about seven different ways. (Also, weird to see royal chest hair.) But most newsworthy of all is that George looks actually comfortable in his country gentry sweater and Hunter boots. All the better for him to get a running start away from whatever prank Charlotte is absolutely plotting.


In a wholly different direction, here’s Harry and Meghan looking like the closing scenes of an extremely glossy Hollywood romance:

And here’s Charles and Camilla, sitting on a bench, looking uncomfortably like a pharmaceutical ad, but in a nice way.

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