Oh My God, I Love These Mountain Lion Kittens So Much

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Fuck. Look at their fucking faces.

The Associated Press alerts us to the fact that National Park Service has found two litters of mountain lion kittens (five kittens total) in the mountains north of Los Angeles. LAist provides a bit of background on the the program that located these guys:

As a part of its efforts to more thoroughly understand the natural areas around Los Angeles, and how the life in those areas react to living in the shadow of an enormous city, the National Parks Service has attached GPS locators to several mountain lions in the hills surrounding L.A.

Biologist Jeff Sikich, who’s with the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area and did the actual footwork on the ground, explained:

“Months ago we saw both of the females spending lots of of time with the male, P-38. We saw they had each spent about two or three days with him. Mountain lions are solitary creatures, usually only together if they’re breeding,” Sikich said to LAist.


Because the National Park Service knows how to give the people what they want, they also released some video footage prominently featuring angry little feline faces whose fierceness is rather disrupted by the fact they don’t quite know what to do with their cute little tongues. For more stupid cute photographs, please go to their Flickr account.

Photo via AP Images.

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