"Oh Man, Can't Someone Else Take Client 9 For Once?"

Illustration for article titled Oh Man, Cant Someone Else Take Client 9 For Once?

The best part is how she can't even hide her revulsion. [Vintage_Ads]


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Aesop's Foibles.

Sex and man-socks do not under any circumstances go together in my book. Oh my God. For some reason that visual (A guy mid-bone wearing socks) grosses me the fuck out. I mean. Especially nylon-y dress socks that turn all limp and sweaty and over the course of the day the toes get all sheer and you can see the toenails. Now listen, I have zero qualms about Mr. Foibles' feet. They're lovely. But a nude man-any nude man, even David Beckham-in socks just makes my eyes vomit.