Oh, Katy Perry. Oh, Honey, No.

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Today, Katy Perry released a teaser for her "Dark Horse" video, and here's a still from it. Yes, that is Katy Perry as "Katy-patra," a very sexy Egyptian goddess-type individual wearing what looks like a metastatic grill.


The full video, which won't be released until February 20th, appears to have been shot in an "ancient Egypt" theme, a continuation of Ms. Perry's long tradition of planning her wardrobe around an occasionally-problematic "another country" theme. Here's holding out hope she resists the urge to shoot her next video around a made up character named Katy-tera Tekakwitha, a sexy Native American saint.

More like Notshepsut, amirite?

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Molly with the Mediocre Hair

ehhhh At least she's appropriating a culture that no longer exists.

Side note: Holy shit, what is the new Kinja system? I previewed it, and it is the worst.