Oh Great: Chris Brown Finally Freed From the Philippines

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Chris Brown is a free man after being trapped in the Philippines for three days as a result of a legal complaint. So Chris Brown: Escape From Manila doesn’t need to happen anymore.

Brown was seen at the airport boarding a private plane with his crew on Friday. He was let go after securing a “departure clearance” certificate that serves as a Get Out of Manila Free card, according to Immigration Bureau spokeswoman Elaine Tan.

Page Six reports:

The 26-year-old R&B artist has been stuck in Manila for a third day after running afoul of a corporation, run by an influential religious group’s members, that filed a fraud complaint against him for a canceled New Year’s Eve gig. He performed Tuesday at a packed concert in Manila.


Tan says Brown was given clearance after officials determined that he “has no other derogatory record apart from the (immigration lookout bulletin).”

Brown was performing in Manila to atone for a previously cancelled New Year’s Eve concert that was supposed to take place at the Philippine Arena. The owners filed a complaint against him after he pulled out. Brown may still face charges after a full investigation.

On Thursday, he posted a (now deleted) video with the caption “OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” in which he’s seen praying to leave the country and doing a back flip.

Brown is now officially “outchea.” He posted this video earlier today, saying, “Manila, it was fun.”


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It would be easy to come back with “When will be freed from Chris Brown”?. But in all honesty there have been many occasions where I’ll be thinking “great song” and find that it’s him. Or realize he’s the guy in the video who’s dancing with “mad skillz”. It’s puzzling.