Oh Good, Joan Rivers' Dog Bowl Sold for $14,000

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Perhaps you’ll recall that Christie’s was set to auction off more than 200 items from Joan Rivers’ penthouse, including but not limited to the engraved Tiffany & Co. water bowl belonging to her Yorkie, Spike. Well, guess what: That bowl netted $14,000, because some people have too much money!


It’s fine, though, because profits from the auction are headed to God’s Love We Deliver, an NYC-based charity that brings meals to those unable to cook for themselves. We’ll give the buyer the benefit of the doubt and assume that he or she was aware of that fact going into the $13,750 bid.

The auction raised a total of $2.2 million, with a 1898 Fabergé frame slotting in as the highest grossing item at $245,000.

Page Six reports also that “a pair of Louis XVI-style settees sold for $37,500, and bidding on a faux-ivory Penhaligon’s toilette set reached $4,000.” I only know what like 30 percent of those words mean. Congrats to all involved!

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Fuck that dog. That dog doesn’t deserve that bowl.

You know what dog deserves that bowl? My dog. He’s a 9 lb. chihuahua terrier mix. Yesterday, a sharp-shinned hawk tried catching him. What did he do? He chased the goddamn hawk away. He could have been lunch and instead he attacked a bird of prey like a motherfucking boss.

That’s the kind of dog that deserves a $14,000 water dish. I’m sorry. I’m sure that Ms. Rivers loved her dogs but I’m also sure that there weren’t any hawks out there hunting her yorkies.