Image via HBO

Considering our current political climate, the existence of shows like Veep (in which the president is a total idiot) and House of Cards (in which the president is an evil murderer) is sort of perplexing. Do we really want to watch television shows that merely imagine how fucked up the presidential administration is when we’re already living that reality?

Veep, this season, has sort of escaped that problem as Selina Meyer is not currently president. Instead, the show is a look at a failed presidential candidate and her staff struggling to figure out what to do next, which is a pretty good note to end on. Except it has just been announced that it’s coming back for a seventh season. Surprise!

At this point, Veep storylines are literally happening to Trump and the show is editing out jokes that accidentally directly coincide with real crazy ass shit he’s pulled. The sixth season has also gotten notably darker as characters struggle for money and power outside the presidency. So if the writers and Veep want to keep hammering out this show until it’s a mirror image of real life, then so be it! Maybe they’ll just send Selena Meyer to live in the woods.