Oh, And Fuck Jill Stein Too

Image via Getty.
Image via Getty.

Garnering just over 1.2 million votes, Jill Stein is arguably slightly less responsible for giving us Donald Trump than say, fucking Gary Johnson, but not by much! Please join me in wishing a hearty “fuck you” to Jill Stein and all who voted for her.


Without ever possessing even a sliver of a chance of maybe possibly ever becoming President of the United States, Jill Stein continued her farce of a campaign drawing attention and support away from the only goal any of us should have had: defeating Donald Trump.

Now, she has the nerve to post these janky-ass Martin Luther King, Jr. memes.

I’m guessing MLK would not be thrilled with you right now, Jill! He’d probably wonder why you didn’t rally your supporters to vote for Hillary Clinton so, I don’t know, maybe we could avoid Donald Trump unraveling eight years of Obama gains and appointing two Supreme Court justices. I DON’T THINK HE’D FIND YOUR FUCKING MEME VERY HELPFUL.

I know that white people are not familiar with the concept of voting for survival and my god was that apparent this election. I of course blame myself for absolutely none of this, but I do feel like an idiot for even believing, when faced with this test, that this country would do the right thing.

While we’re chatting, fuck you to everyone who cast a protest vote or chose not to vote. Fuck you to Susan Sarandon and of course, fuck Jill Stein.


History will remember this.



Omg, yes fuck you Susan Sarandon. I hope you enjoy clinging to your ideological purity while Trump guts this country and drags us back to 1851 or whenever he believes America was great before.