Friend of Fox Michele Bachmann appeared on Fox & Friends with two angry dudes and one shouting woman this morning to gnaw on her r sounds and promote her new book. During the interview, it was revealed that Bachmann worked as a babysitter when she was a teenager, and that one of her charges was none other than perpetually astonished concerned mother Gretchen Carlson.

Illustration for article titled Of Course Michele Bachmann Used to Babysit Fox News Gretchen Carlson

The two reminisced briefly of their brief childhood crossing of paths, and Carlson told Bachmann that her favorite thing about Michele circa then was her long hair that went all the way to her waist. Bachmann laughed and remarked that her waist length hair was a function of her "Cher period," which is actually ironically hilarious.


Unlike Cher, who is beloved and cherished by many gay people, Bachmann believes that homosexuality is a sickness with an agenda, and is thus almost universally reviled by gays. Also unlike Cher, after the apocalypse, Bachmann will have been raptured off to heaven rather than opening a roach disco that throws awesome all night men only parties.

Michele Bachmann, you violently glinting lab created diamond, never change.

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