Of Course Kylie Jenner and Sofia Richie Dressed Up as Handmaids for an Influencer's Birthday Party

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Screenshot: Kylie Jenner (Instagram)

Kylie Jenner, in the most unsurprising move of the year, hosted a “Handmaid’s Tale” themed costume party with Sofia Richie in honor of Anastasia Karanikolaou’s birthday. The bash involved Handmaid costumes, “servants” at the entrance and inside that claimed “under his eye”, and an interior decorated like a house in the fictional Gilead. There were also themed drinks like “Under His Eyes tequila” and “Praise Be vodka.” The feedback on Twitter was swift and expected, so instead of giving you a list of “reactions”, why not ruin your morning with a Snapchat story dug up by the helpful people at Celebitchy?


What funniest to me is this family’s consistent lack of self awareness. In no iteration of our complex multiverse do they exist as “handmaids”- they’re the Serenas of this story! (And I’d like to take this time to mention that days before, known creep Scott Disick celebrated his 36th birthday with Sofia Richie, a 20 year old. They met while she was in high school and began dating when she turned 18!)

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Will you be purchasing front row seats to the upcoming fight between Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise? Seems like the tensions between dueling Los Angeles cults, Hillsong and Scientology, have finally bubbled over! The smackdown was put on the books after Justin caught a Mission Impossible re-run and the pressures of societal expectations around masculinity pressured him to prove that he’s a Big Strong Man too. (Tom Cruise or his team have yet to comment.)

Worse, known racist Conor McGregor offered to host the showdown through his company, McGregor Sports and Entertainment. I was puzzled over why he seemingly jumped into this absurdity from the sidelines until I remembered this Instagram post. My brain stores the most useless information on my enemies!


A quick reminder to Justin Bieber: Conor McGregor is under investigation for sexual assault. Find a new hero, dude!


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A bunch of weirdos are debating if Ava Phillippe’s boyfriend looks like her father, Ryan Phillippe.


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“What funniest to me is this family’s consistent lack of self awareness.”

Yeah, I think they know they’re Serenas. It’s why they can put on the handmaid costumes and party while the rest of us are having nightmares about forced pregnancies.