Of Course Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford Fucked

Image via The Empire Strikes Back/20th Century Fox.
Image via The Empire Strikes Back/20th Century Fox.

Carrie Fisher waited almost 40 years to reveal a truly shocking secret—she thought no one knew she and Harrison Ford fucked on the set of Star Wars.


In her new book, the actress finally explicitly admits she dated Ford, who was married at the time, for about three months while they were filming in London. From the limited excerpts published by Radar Online, it sounds like they basically got wasted and messed around a bunch. Ford—then 34—apparently told Fisher—then 19—that she was a bad kisser, and she says in the book he wasn’t that great in bed, but she still thought maybe he would leave his wife for her. (He didn’t.)

I’m sure there’s more, judging from her prodigious use of cocaine at the time, but we’ll just have to wait until the book is out or her publisher sees this and sends us more paragraphs.


Again, all stuff you knew.

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i moved desks so new burner

I’m sorry, but who among us would not fuck Harrison Ford, especially Han Solo-Harrison Ford? It is for this reason (as well as murder Hitler when he was just a shitty art student, and someone else I won’t mention in case the Feds are watching) I would build a fucking time machine. To fuck Han Solo/Raiders of the Lost Ark Harrison Ford. I know I’m not alone in this.