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Of Course Binders Full of Women Is a Book About a D.C. Dominatrix

Lana Cordova describes Binders Full of Women, her literary masterpiece (over 3900 readers have previewed Binders on with a 3.8 star rating!), as such:

...deliciously naughty romp about a struggling young attorney, Jennifer Long, who worked her way through law school as a dominatrix. She dreams of a job in state government. Forced to take a job well beneath her qualifications as the governor's executive secretary, she soon learns that the capitol is full of sexist good 'ol boys who see women as playthings and have no intentions of trying to ensure that the government staff is truly representative of the population, which is about half female. Watch Jennifer beat the boys at their own dirty game.


A Goodreads reviewer calls it the "dominant feminist's answer" to both Mitt Romney's infamous comment and Christian Grey. All that for only 99 cents!


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What I want to know is, how'd she write it so quickly?