O'Donnell Lies About Her Education, Makes For Good Video Parodies

Number of schools Christine O'Donnell said she attended which never heard of her: Two. Also, two video parodies of her pronouncements on masturbation and pregnancy.


It's been about thirty seconds since we've heard a new revelation about Christine O'Donnell — this time, the rather germane topic of whether she tells the truth about herself and her qualifications.

First, there was the fact that she listed herself as having attended Oxford on her LinkedIn profile, despite having simply taken a class on Postmodernism (alert the culture warriors!) through a program that rented space at Oxford. Then she said she attended Claremont Graduate University, when in fact there was no record of her there — though she did win a fellowship with a think tank also named Claremont, which is not affiliated with the university.

Will her base care? Probably not. Actual educations are for elitists.

Meanwhile, Bill Maher, cleverly riding the O'Donnell train for as long as it will take him, taped the above parody to promote his current show. Really, what would the nineties be without O.J. Simpson jokes?

And, in case you missed it, here's Saturday Night Life's take.


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I guess we have officially hit the point where there is no such thing as reality anymore. People like O'Donnell and her supporters literally do not give a shit about basic facts. It may seem small, to lie about something like school attendance, but therein lies the problem...if we're at the point where politicians and their supporters don't even care to tell the truth about things that can be easily verified (or not), then there is no reasoning with them, no common ground, no chance to change minds. If they really believe there is no concrete reality, there is no reason for them to stop thinking and saying nonsense. It's utterly depressing.