Octuplets Turn 1; Their Mom Is Exhausted

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Yes, it's been a year since "The Octomom" came into our lives, and People has the scoop on how she's Grown and Changed:

The new year finds Nadya Suleman somewhat chastened and subdued (albeit, obviously, still talking to People magazine) declaring that she's become more selfless and that her primar concern is bonding with her myriad kids. Asked if she'd do it again(!) she replies,

No, no, no ... I love kids, but I also recognize that things could be better for mine. I never planned on eight. I wanted one or maybe two more. But I had eight. It's not the best situation, but I'm doing what I can do.

Oh, and for those obsessed with Baby Weight, rest easy: "I go [to the gym] several times a week, usually in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep...I push myself pretty hard. I'm lucky. I've got good genes and my body just always seems to bounce back after my pregnancies."

Nadya Suleman's Octuplets Turn 1! [People]

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I'm sorry, but there is no way this woman's body just 'bounced back' on its own. The amount of extra skin she had immediately after the birth would beg to differ. Even if she was a world-class extra skin reabsorber there is no way she got the flat belly she is showing off to the magazines without surgery.