Octuplets' Grandma Reconciles With Her Daughter

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Despite reports last week that Nadya Suleman had put her mother under a gag order, Angela gave an interview this morning and called her daughter "a good mother."

Today on The Early Show (clip here), Angela Suleman said that while she had called her daughter's decision to have more children "unconscionable" and criticized her in an interview with RadarOnline.com, she changed her tune once she saw the octuplets. "I thought, 'My goodness, these are my grandchildren. They're so tiny and fragile. I'll have to be there for them, you know, like I was for the others," she said. Angela revealed that her entire retirement check goes to paying for her grandchildren and Nadya didn't tell her she was pregnant again until she was showing, because she knew her mom didn't want her to have more children. But, she says their conflict is over now. "You can resent your daughter for just so long, and then you see that she's trying so hard to take care of these children, and she's a good mother," says Angela. [CBS News, TMZ]

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translation: I still think she's still a moron, but she doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of raising 14 kids by herself so I have to pitch in for the sake of my offspring's offspring.