Octomom And Brood Wreak Absolute Havoc On Live Television

Well. Normally I'd not bat an eye at Nadya Suleman appearing on the Today Show — this is, after all, the program that interviews the Duggars every time they've been infected with another pregnancy — but this morning's segment was so positively insane that it really is worth noting. She of the gargantuan womb was in-studio with her 2½-year-old octuplets, who really are gorgeous, and one of the other kids (the poor dears really will be known as "the other ones" for most of their lives). And I'll be damned if the woman wasn't on speed. Granted, you certainly need to be jacked up on something to handle fourteen kids.

The entire segment went on for nine batshit minutes, but the whole thing is just so special — David Gregory scoops up a wandering kid, Natalie Morales babysits another, and Ann Curry rushes to help a third child who has fallen on his face — that it's worth watching in its entirety. If you can stand it, anyhow. By the time they cut to commercial, I was frantically snorting my Tri-Cyclen.


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