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Observational Genius Kim Kardashian Reveals that Pregnancy Is 'Not, Like, Fun'

Illustration for article titled Observational Genius Kim Kardashian Reveals that Pregnancy Is Not, Like, Fun

Oh, Kim. Thank god you're here. Because the rest of the world got together and we all agreed that we're totally confused about whether or not growing a tiny weird person inside your body is "fun" like bumper cars or "not fun" like diarrhea. But you've got a thingy inside you right now—so WHICH IS IT!? Like fun or not like fun?

"When people say that pregnancy is, like, fun and they love it, I would have to disagree. ... I wouldn't say it's been easy," she tells Entertainment Tonight.


GOTCHA. Not like fun. (I tease because I love, girl. U kno it's tru.)

Of course, she adds, "I heard it's all worth it so I'm looking forward to that."


Question. Is this a human news article or a space memo that fell out of Kim Kardashian's intergalactic lab notebook? In which she chronicles her attempts to pass as a fertile earth woman in order to study the effects of gigantic bunz and synthetic robot emotions on human gif usage? Because just checking.

She knows a baby comes out at the end, right? And not, like, a hobo bag? It's a pregnancy—not a Shyamalan movie. If you don't already know the "twist" at the end, PLEASE READ SOME SPOILERS.

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I watched this interview and she said she doesn't have morning sickness, but it hasn't been easy on her body. I am wondering what those early issues are that are uncomfortable? I'd imagine morning sickness would be the worst part... Never been pregnant, just generally curious. What can I expect? Boob swelling? Tiredness?