Obama Takes Control of The Colbert Report, Delivers 'The Word'

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With just two weeks left on the clock for the Colbert Report, the show is cramming in a few more splashy segments. Like for instance last night's visitor: U.S. president Barack Obama, who dropped by for an interview and temporary commandeered Colbert's desk. Welcome to the "fuck it" stage of the Obama presidency!

First, Obama delivered a special edition of "The Word," renamed "The Decree" and focused on Obamacare, complete with Fox News and healthcare.gov zingers. TV host would be an unconventional post-presidency career option, but if William Howard Taft could be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court I don't see why Obama can't shake up the late-night lineup:


Then he sat down for the actual interview proper and talked about governing after the GOP midterm victories, jobs numbers and the Keystone XL pipeline:

He also discussed the merciless teasing by the women in his life. To be fair, you are making Sasha and Malia show up to goofy events like the turkey pardoning:

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None of these videos are available to watch from the UK, unfortunately...

...but the message they use to tell me so is hilarious.