Obama Keeps Up With The Kardashians; Wife Says Hopper Threatened To Kill Her

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  • In what TMZ is billing as the "Decline of Western Civilization," Khloe Kardashian toured the White House and met President Obama today.
  • Thankfully, Khloe was only at the White House because Lamar Odom and his L.A. Lakers teammates were invited to celebrate their 2009 NBA championship, not because Barack's a huge Keeping Up With The Kardashians fan. [TMZ]
  • If the New Orleans Saints win the Super Bowl, Kim Kardashian could end up at the White House too. She said of the team's win, "I am so proud of Reggie and the New Orleans Saints ... They deserve it, New Orleans deserves it!" [People]
  • Kim obtained a restraining order against a crazed fan last week, but Reggie Bush still hired six bodyguards to follow her wherever she goes. [TMZ]
  • Dennis Hopper's wife, Victoria Duffy, responded to his divorce filing by also asking a judge to dissolve their marriage. He asked for joint physical and legal custody of their 6-year-old daughter Galen, but she has asked for primary custody. [Access Hollywood]
  • In court papers filed by Victoria Duffy she accuses Dennis Hopper of threatening to kill her on multiple occasions and keeping loaded guns in their house where Galen could find them. She also claims that Hopper once said if she divorced him, "Something bad is going to happen to you and you won't see it coming." Victoria says the divorce is the result of family members trying to cut her out of his will and that Hopper said "he does not want to divorce" and "that other people are insisting he take care of them upon his death." [Daily Beast]
  • Farrah Fawcett's estate is suing Craig Nevius, who produced the documentary about her cancer battle, for allegedly embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars. Farrah's former assistant says she trusted Nevius and contrary to reports, she loved the documentary. [Radar]
  • An anonymous Pitt family member says the rumors about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie splitting up are totally untrue. [Radar]
  • Jennifer Aniston donated $500,000 to the charities Doctors Without Borders, Partners in Health, and AmeriCares for Haiti earthquake relief. [E!]
  • A source says that doctors told Brooke Mueller, who has pneumonia in both lungs, "that if she wants to get better she has to reduce stress and get a lot of R&R in the coming weeks. Her mom is checking out spas around the country now." [People]
  • Nancy Kerrigan's father Daniel Kerrigan was found dead in her childhood home yesterday. Her brother Mark Kerrigan has been arrested and charged with assault and battery on an elder with serious bodily injury. [TMZ]
  • According to a police report, Daniel Kerrigan suffered a heart attack while Mark Kerrigan allegedly choked him during an argument. Mark pled not guilty to the charges and cried during his arraignment. [TMZ]
  • Police sources say Mark Kerrigan was "belligerent and combative" after the after the altercation and had to be pepper sprayed while they were cuffing him. He allegedly admitted to putting his hands around his father's neck but said he thought he was faking it when he collapsed. [TMZ]
  • Gary Coleman posted bail and should be leaving jail shortly. [TMZ]
  • Mayumi Heene visited Richard Heene in prison for the first time the weekend. A correction officer said, "Their meeting went smoothly and the general prison population seems to have taken to him - we have had no problems with him." [Radar]
  • Two "inside sources" say they know the real story of what happened the night Tiger Woods crashed his SUV. They claim before a tabloid story about Tiger's affair with Rachel Uchitel broke, he put her on the phone with Elin Nordegren so she could convince her that nothing was going on. Then Elin realized they were having an affair when she texted Rachel from Tiger's phone. [Daily Beast]
  • This just in: Elin Nordegren went to a Thai restaurant in Orlando with a bodyguard. [TMZ]
  • Mel Gibson stood up for Tiger Woods today on Good Morning America saying, "sometimes the most difficult part is being able to forgive yourself," which is hard when "everyone else is beating on you." [TMZ]
  • Taylor Swift and John Mayer went on another dinner date in her hometown of Nashville... if you consider having dinner with a group of friends a "date." [Perez]
  • When asked about her musical influences Taylor Swift said, "I'm always going to love Keith Urban, I'm always going to love John Mayer. I'm always going to love people like that, who I feel are truly authentic, and that's not to say that my music will ever sound like theirs, but I'm inspired by people who I feel know exactly who they are, and that inspires me to continue to figure out and inform who I am as an artist." [Rolling Stone]
  • Aretha Wilson, the woman accuse of slashing Leonardo DiCaprio's face with a drinking glass at a house party in 2005, was taken into custody in Canada last week and has agreed to be extradited to the United States. [TMZ]
  • Gross: Jon Gosselin and Morgan Christie attended a party this weekend for the Sundance Film Festival and an onlooker says there was, "Tons of PDA, holding hands, kissing... They kept walking around, it's not like they tried to be discreet and stay in a corner." The source added, "Anyone who saw him remarked how inappropriate it was. Gosselin seemed to love the attention." [Us]
  • Bill Gates was also spotted partying at Sundance. "He was rocking out," said a witness. "The bloke let his hair down; at one stage he was dancing on a podium. Imagine a geek, dancing to John Legend? That was Bill Gates at Sundance!" [Radar]
  • Clear Channel Communications announced it's interested in hiring Howard Stern, whose five-year, $500 million contract with Sirius expires at the end of the year. [AP]
  • Talks between Fox and Conan O'Brien may start this week. "Chances like this don't come around very often," said a source. "If Fox wants to be in late night, now's the time." [N.Y. Post]
  • Did Conan O'Brien have his band play the Beatles' "Lovely Rita" when Tom Hanks walked out so NBC would have to foot the $500,000 bill? [NYT]
  • On his last Tonight Show, Conan O'Brien said that if HBO decides to make a movie about the late night fiasco he'd, "like to be played by Academy Award-winner Tilda Swinton." She responded, "I've heard about Conan! ... I'm so thrilled. I would just be only too happy." [Movieline]
  • Apparently Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are still on. They attended Radiohead's Haiti benefit on Sunday and an eyewitness says, "Justin was holding court and Jessica was laughing at everything he said. She was always gazing at him." [Us]
  • Jeff Conway can't break his prescription drug addiction and is planning his funeral, according to his girlfriend Vikki Lizza. "He's talking about being burned on a boat and sent out to sea like a Viking funeral. It sends chills up my spine," she said. "We're all trying to save his life, and he's not listening." [N.Y. Daily News]
  • Heidi Montag says she wants to increase her breast size to an H cup "for Heidi," but Dr. Frank Ryan says he won't be helping her. "I told Heidi, ‘If you want to do it I don't know who you will find but it's not going to be me.' I strongly recommend she just doesn't do it," he said. [Radar]
  • Heidi Montag did yoga in a field while wearing a low cut top so everyone could check out Dr. Frank Ryan's work. [TMZ]
  • For some reason Spencer Pratt was featured in YM magazine's "Hunks in Trunks" feature when he was 17. He said, "I hate my love handles... I'd prefer a tight six-pack. [TMZ]
  • The National Enquirer claims John Krasinski recently pushed his co-stars B.J. Novack and Mindy Kaling, who broke up in 2008, to reunite. "[Krasinksi got them together] under the guise of planning his wedding and honeymoon. Before too long, the old spark reignited and the two were dating again," said a source. "As B.J.'s best friend, John knew his pal never really got over Mindy. They dated for a long while but broke up over a year ago because of the difficulty of mixing work and romance. (But) they're in love again." [ONTD]\
  • Don't worry, Sammi Giancola and Ronnie Magro are back together after breaking up in the Jersey Shore reunion. "They did split for the day," explains Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi. "But then they got back together two hours later. You never know with them." [Us]
  • Snooki is dating some dude named Emilio, but it isn't serious. "He's my guido," says Snooki. "He's my type." [Us]
  • Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino says of the Jersey Shore cast, "We're just getting started. We're gonna conquer the reality world and move on to comedy, acting, deejaying. We're just gonna kill it all." [People]
  • American Idol cut contestant Michael Lynche for violating the show's confidentiality agreement because his dad told the local paper that he was in the top 24. [People]
  • Martha Stewart said she should be considered as Simon Cowell's American Idol replacement. "I'd be the best American Idol judge because I'm fair," she added. [OK!]
  • RHONY's Ramona Singer says, "I'm so thrilled for Bethenny [Frankel]. I think being pregnant has really calmed her." [Us]
  • The National Enquirer claims Nick Lachey was "expecting a big payday from his new album" but there's no release date in sight and now he's broke. He's trying to pick up hosting gigs to get extra cash. [Perez]
  • Katie Price is denying reports that she went to Peter Andre's house and demanded to see him. [Daily Mail]
  • VIDEO: After hearing about the prizes she can win, a Price is Right contestant falls to the ground. [TMZ]
  • Ryan Gosling brought his mom to the premiere of Blue Valentine, in which he has sex with Michelle Williams several times. "I gave her an iPod to wear," said Gosling. "Every time there was something I thought she shouldn't watch, I pressed play." [Showbiz 411]
  • Kristen Stewart says her fans should like her new film Welcome to the Rileys, in which she plays a stripper/drug addict. "Most Twilight fans are young girls and this is a really good story for them," said Stewart. "It's very much an adolescent story. At its core, it's a very adolescent story. What she goes through could happen to any girl." [Us]
  • Tina Fey says, "I'd much rather go un-photographed than be on the worst dressed list." As for the dress she wore to the Golden Globes earlier this month, "I didn't want to unzip this dress. I wanted to sit down on it and open a bag of Cheetos and have some soda!" [Us]
  • "I don't make a good celebrity and nor do I want to," says Courtney Love. "If I was a good celebrity I'd be really enigmatic and contrived. Some people can step outside themselves and view themselves how others do. I just can't." [People]
  • "Mick Jagger is always having a go at me for smoking. I've known him and the rest of the band for years now and I love them. Mick is always on at me about drinking honey and buying humidifiers for my voice. I follow his advice, then he sees me smoking a roll-up and goes mental. I try to stop, I do, but it's hard." — Joss Stone [Daily Mail]
  • "I don't leave the house anymore. If it isn't necessary I don't go anywhere. I stay at home. I'm adamant when it comes to that. I will never get used to it. If you do, you must be insane. I'm thankful for everything, but there's a limit to what a person can endure. I don't know how Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie can bear that kind of life, because personally it's an issue for me. Because I never leave the house I live outside society," — Johnny Depp [Perez]
  • Did you know Taylor Momsen was one of the final three actresses in the running for Hannah Montana? She says, "Honestly, if I'd have ended up as Hannah Montana, I don't know if the show would have gone as well. I probably would have told them all to go fuck themselves by the time I hit 11. And I don't know how that would have gone down. It's great for Miley, but I really like where I am right now and I feel really fortunate to be able to really be myself." [Times Of London]



Is secret Pitt family member Pax "mommy and daddy aren't breaking up! can i have ice cream now?"