NYU Students TikToks Expose the Bleak State of School-Issued 'Quarantine Meals'

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Students at New York University are going viral after posting TikToks showing the grim state of the meals they have been served while undergoing their mandatory “quarantine period” after arriving back on campus for fall semester classes.

The university, which announced its decision to return to in-person classes back in late July, has adopted an unusual move-in process in an attempt to minimize the risk of covid-19 spreading on the campus. Students traveling to NYU from anywhere outside of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut are required to quarantine in their dorm rooms for two weeks after arriving back on campus, so the school has split “move-in” into two shifts. The plan is that students will be tested for covid-19 within 24 hours of arriving on campus, and then tested once again 7-10 days later.

NYU promised to deliver three full meals and one snack to students quarantining in their dorms, but as these Tik Toks have revealed, the meals are not always arriving. And when they do, they look uncannily like that sad photo of the styrofoam container with the bread, slices of cheese, and wilted lettuce that comprised the notorious Fyre Festival’s “gourmet” meals.


It’s concerning enough that colleges and universities are asking students to travel from all around the country (and possibly the world), bringing who knows what germs with them, to resume in-person classes. That’s not even considering the fact that it’s a distinct possibility that these students will end up being asked to leave campus once again if covid-19 starts to spread—traveling back to their respective homes after possibly being exposed to this potentially deadly virus.

But really—if they can’t even effectively feed the small number of students back on campus now, how on earth does NYU expect to be able to keep thousands of students safe and healthy for an entire school year? 

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Just throwing this out there, and you might see me post about it a few more times:

My call center job is not re-opening their offices until 2021.

They determined that even having a few dozen people in an enclosed space making COVID aerosol wasn’t worth it to them (financially and health-wise)

It’s about to get real bad here in the US.