Nylon Is Ending Its Print Edition

Image via Nylon

Nylon is folding its print edition and laying off members of the print staff, the publication announced on Thursday.

Like the dozens of shuttered women’s magazines before it (Lucky, More, Self), Nylon (which, full disclosure, I have written for in the past) will be solely digital after the October 2017 issue, WWD reports.


Nylon Media’s executive chairman Marc Luzzatto said in a statement, “As a result of the restructure, there will be about one dozen layoffs effective immediately. We would like to thank those employees for their dedication in keeping Nylon continuously ahead of the curve. As platforms emerge and change, our voice, content and brand keep getting stronger, as do our array of marketing solutions.”

Previously, Nylon Guys shut down in 2015. In addition to the site, the brand is pushing a creative agency and getting into the lucrative/pervasive influencer game with its own influencer program. The magazine’s most recent covers stars included Kirsten Dunst, Abbi Jacobs and Ilana Glazer, and Gabourey Sidibe.

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