NYE Producers Call Mariah’s Sabotage Claims ‘Defamatory, Outrageous and, Frankly, Absurd.’

Image via Getty.
Image via Getty.

Dick Clark Productions has fired back at Mariah Carey’s claims that her New Year’s Eve performance on ABC was deliberately “sabotaged” to increase ratings.

DCP reportedly “won’t apologize” to Mariah,” but that’s probably because they doesn’t think they did anything wrong. In a statement that sounds like dialogue spoken by Jackie Chiles on a very good episode of Seinfeld, they said:

“[Mariah’s allegations are] defamatory, outrageous and, frankly, absurd. In very rare instances, there are, of course, technical errors that can occur with live television. However, an initial investigation has indicated that DCP had no involvement in the challenges associated with Ms. Carey’s New Year’s Eve performance.”


Carey herself offered a chilling response to their statement on her personal Instagram account:

[Page Six]

The first thing I’d like to say is that this story is from The National Enquirer, an unreliable source. The second thing I’d like to say is that I’d like to believe every word of it.

Julia Roberts exploded in a screaming temper tantrum that triggered a scary sky-high pillow fight with a cabin “flunky” about a private L.A. – N.Y. flight! Reported my sky witness: “Julia flat out FREAKED, snarling that the attendant had given her the ‘wrong kind of pillow!’… Pretty Woman screeched at startled staffers, ‘What is this? This isn’t the kind I asked for!” Pitching a fit that would not quit, Julia furiously flung the pillow into the aisle just before takeoff – then stared nonstop daggers at the crew.


Julia Roberts reportedly threw a pillow into the aisle of an airplane because it was “the wrong kind.” I’m not sure what “the wrong kind” of airplane pillow is, but will assume the flight attendant brought her one of these:

Image via Amazon.
Image via Amazon.


I was going to publish an Instagram photo of Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms allegedly “exchanging numbers” with Seal at an airport, but just realized the account where I saw the photo is private. So, uh, unfortunately you’ll just have to imagine what it looked like when Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms stood awkwardly beside an awkwardly seated Seal as they allegedly exchanged numbers at an airport.


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I’ve been home watching TV for the past 10 days and I’m now convinced the only pillow worthy of my head is the Magic Pillow